Suspects says they killed Ondo naval officer

Suspects says they killed Ondo naval officer

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Suspects says they killed Ondo naval officer

Ondo PPRP Funmilayo Odunlami

Suspects says they killed Ondo naval officer. Ondo State Police Command presented three suspects apprehended in connection with the alleged murder of a naval officer, Sub. Lt. Samuel Akingbohun, on Thursday.

The accused also revealed how the naval commander was murdered.

The accused allegedly killed Akingbohun following an argument between the dead and an okada rider in the Idoani Community of Ondo State’s Ose Local Government Area, after which they were apprehended by police.

Ayomide Sambo, Johnson Adeleke, and Shagari Francis are the suspects.

after the parade, the defendants admitted to fiercely striking the deceased officer’s head and scrotum with an iron rod after a violent dispute.

One of the suspects, Ayomide Sambo, 20, stated that the deceased officer, who was assigned to Navy Secondary School Imeri (a village adjacent to Ido Ani), had physically assaulted his companion, Johnson Adeleke, during a disagreement by slapping and headbutting him.

Sambo claimed that he, Johnson, and Francis Shagari were enraged by what happened to their comrade and tracked the late naval officer to a community intersection, where they unleashed a brutal attack on him with an iron rod.

The suspect stated that after the heinous conduct, they attempted to flee the town, but they were arrested.

“We were on our way to get a power bank when we ran into the naval officer,” he explained. He was coming from the opposite direction, and the area from where he was coming was poor. We were both striving to take the right road when my friend shoved the officer with his shoulder.

“In annoyance, the naval officer slapped him and also gave him a headbutt. We started to beg the naval officer. After the naval officer had left, my friend said he was fake military personnel.

“We then took a bike and followed him to the intersection, where we challenged him.” My companion and the naval officer began fighting. During this time, I picked up an iron rod and began hitting him all over his body. My friend also grabbed the iron rod and began striking him.

“However, two of my friends have now denied it, claiming that I was the only one who hit him with the iron rod.” We’d never met the cop before. We saw him for the first time that day. Even the Okada rider who was transporting us said that the spot where my friend hit him with the iron rod was risky.

“We were apprehended while attempting to flee the town.” I was arrested first, and the other two were arrested the next day after I told the naval authorities where they were. They both now claim that I was the only one who hit him.”

The other suspect, Johnson Adeleke, 20, denied participating in the officer’s beating and death, saying, “When I was on my way to remove my power bank, I accidentally hit my elbow with the navy office.” He slapped me and headbutted me. We had no idea he was a navy officer at the time.

“After the brawl, we got on our bikes and followed him.” I questioned him after catching up with him, but he refused to say anything. The naval officer’s comrade attacked Ayomide with his elbow; it was at that time that Ayomide picked up the iron rod and began pounding him. I did not strike him; it was Ayomide who struck him.

“I had already left Idoani in an attempt to flee when my mother’s elder brother summoned me to the station.”

Parading the suspects at the police headquarters in Akure, the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Olufumilayo Odunlami said the suspects will soon be charged in court for prosecution.

“At the moment, three suspects are in custody, and during interrogation, we discovered that one Ayomide Sambo was one of those mobilized to the scene, and when he arrived, he carried an iron rod, hit him (deceased) on the head and testicles, and began stoning him.”

“Later, he became unconscious, and he was rushed to the hospital in town, where he was confirmed dead by the doctor,” the PPRO said.

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