18 people died in a Badagry road crash

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18 people died in a Badagry road crash

18 people died in a car crash in Badagry. Sadly, the town of Badagry is feeling very sad today because a terrible car accident happened on the dangerous Badagry highway and 18 people lost their lives.

This accident reminds us that there are many dangers on our roads, so we need to make them safer and be more careful when driving or walking. The Badagry Highway is an important road that connects the busy city.

According to people who saw the accident happen, a vehicle with 18 passengers crashed into a stopped trailer on the highway.

Accidents caused by broken trailers have happened before in Badagry and other parts of Lagos, Nigeria.

People in Badagry are calling today a very sad day.

More details will be provided soon.

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