At least 36 killed in Hawaii fire accident

At least 36 killed in Hawaii fire accident

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At least 36 killed in Hawaii fire accident

Firefighters are currently engaged in ongoing efforts to combat the fires, utilising helicopters to deploy water onto the flames from an aerial perspective. Image source: Reuters

At least 36 killed in Hawaii fire accident. Officials have reported that at least 36 individuals have tragically lost their lives due to rapidly spreading wildfires on Maui Island in Hawaii.

These fires have been exacerbated by strong winds originating from a distant hurricane, leading to the destruction of numerous buildings and the complete incineration of certain regions.

Many people have been forced to leave their homes, resulting in the declaration of a state of emergency.

Currently, an extensive search and rescue operation is underway, as there are still individuals whose whereabouts are unknown.

Kamuela Kawaakoa, who, along with his partner and six-year-old son, sought refuge in an evacuation shelter on Tuesday, recounted their narrow escape, saying, “We barely got out in time. It was incredibly difficult to sit there and watch my town burn to the ground without being able to do anything. I felt completely helpless.”

Maui has established five evacuation shelters, but these are currently overwhelmed with an unexpectedly high number of people seeking safety. Despite its popularity among tourists, authorities strongly advise against visiting the island at this time.

Hawaii’s Lieutenant Governor, Sylvia Luke, emphasized that this area is unsafe, and the resources available are under tremendous strain.

Firefighters are actively battling the ongoing fires, utilizing helicopters to drop water on the flames from above.

The Maui county government recently issued an official statement reporting 36 confirmed fatalities resulting from the ongoing firefighting efforts in the active Lahaina fire.

Lahaina, a well-known resort city and a major tourist attraction on the island, has suffered extensive damage from this devastating fire. Visual evidence vividly portrays large areas that have been engulfed and destroyed by the relentless flames.

The scope of this catastrophe is unparalleled. The entire Lahaina area has been entirely consumed by the fire. Resident Mason Jarvi compared the situation to an apocalypse, sharing visuals that depict the city’s waterfront reduced to ashes and ruins.

According to Mr. Jarvi, he sustained burn injuries while courageously biking through the engulfing flames to rescue his beloved pet.

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