Clash between Police and Amotekun mars Ogun SWAN cup

Clash between Police and Amotekun mars Ogun SWAN cup

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By Akinsuroju Olubunmi

Clash between Police and Amotekun mars Ogun SWAN cup

Clash between Police and Amotekun mars Ogun SWAN cup

Pandemonium erupted during the Ogun State Sports Writer Association of Nigeria football competition in Abeokuta, as Nigeria Police and Amotekun officers engaged in a violent altercation. The dispute arose from a contentious officiating decision by referee Ayo Amos, leading to a brawl.


Referee Amos issued red cards to players from both the police and Amotekun for misconduct, inciting a player from Amotekun to invade the pitch and attack a police player, resulting in an injury.


An anonymous eyewitness described the tense moment when Amotekun’s Akinloye Babatunde received a red card for violent conduct against police player Odukoya Olanrewaju. In retaliation, Olanrewaju was also sent off by the referee.


The situation escalated as the red-carded Amotekun defender, Akinloye, reentered the pitch and assaulted Constable Adesina James. Spectators intervened to rescue James from the altercation.


Shockingly, Amotekun defender Tejuoso Segun returned to the pitch armed with a charm and broken bottle, attacking Inspector Ogunremi Oluwafemi and causing a deep cut to his lower jaw.


Chairman of Ogun SWAN, Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji, condemned the actions of the Amotekun officers, emphasizing that the competition’s purpose was to promote camaraderie among security agencies. He called for restraint and discipline among trained security personnel.


Ogunsiji asserted that the association will take necessary measures against disruptive agencies, ensuring accountability and deterring future incidents.


The Public Relations Officer of the Amotekun Corps, Abayomi Osonaike, stated he was not present at the venue and couldn’t provide further details on the incident.


Ogun State Police spokesperson, Omolola Odutola, did not respond to messages and calls regarding the incident.

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