Shettima commended NAHCON's resilience

NAHCON commended by VP Kashim Shettima

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Shettima commended NAHCON's resilience

Shettima commended NAHCON’s resilience.

NAHCON commended by VP Kashim Shettima. Vice President of Nigeria,  Kashim Shettima has expressed his admiration for the unwavering determination displayed by NAHCON (National Hajj Commission of Nigeria) during the 2023 hajj, despite facing various obstacles.

VP Shettima emphasised the significance of improving the well-being and education of pilgrims, while also offering sincere condolences for the unfortunate loss of 29 individuals.

Kashim acknowledges the positive actions taken by NAHCON, such as the implementation of the Hajj Savings’ Scheme, which demonstrates their dedication to enhancing hajj operations on an ongoing basis.

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