Ekiti's charcoal producers criticize illegal logging.

Ekiti’s charcoal producers criticize illegal logging.

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Ekiti's charcoal producers criticize illegal logging.Photo credit: ALPHONCE GARI

By Sehubo Festus


Ekiti’s charcoal producers criticize illegal logging. The Association of Charcoal Producers and Exporters Ekiti State has strongly condemned the actions of unauthorized operators working within the state. Mr. Isaac Olaniyan, State Chairman, emphasized the importance of restoring forests through tree planting and replanting, acknowledging the importance of trees in sustaining a healthy ecosystem.

Olaniyan told members of the association gathered at the Igede Farm Settlement on a Saturday during the association’s tree-planting initiative. He highlighted that tree planting would significantly enhance agriculture and contribute to a great increase in the state government revenue.

The chairman expressed,“The association is embarking on this project of planting more trees like teak, gmelima, and others in the farm settlement as our contribution to the development of agriculture in Ekiti State and to support the good work of Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Biodun Oyebanji. We’ve been actively involved in this endeavor for several years.”

He advised illicit charcoal producers to turn over a new leaf and seek legitimate ways to conduct their operations so that they may work together in Ekiti State.
Olaniyan called the state government to do more. “to ensure security in the forests to stop the activities of the illegal loggers and as well for the safety of all stakeholders including their members moving from one bush or forest to another.”

Chief Kolawole Osasona, the association’s patron, said,  “We are planting trees as part of our corporate social responsibilities to the government. The government is pleased with the program. If the government gives us land, we are prepared to go beyond this. Our members pay taxes and all necessary dues.

One of a member of the association, Mrs. Olanrewaju Akinrinlola, said, “We are here to plant trees for the government. We bought the seeds from the government and we are here planting them for the government.


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