Intellectualism takes center stage with Big Brain naija

Intellectualism takes center stage with Big Brain naija

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By Akinsuroju Abiodun Olubunmi

Intellectualism takes center stage with Big Brain naija

Entrepreneur Charles Awuzie Proposes Intellectual Alternative: Big Brain Naija Reality Show


In a bid to offer a more intellectually stimulating alternative to the widely popular Big Brother Naija reality television show, Nigerian-South African-based businessman and visionary, Charles Awuzie, has unveiled his brainchild – the Big Brain Naija reality TV series. Expressing his disappointment with a viral video showcasing BBNaija contestants struggling with basic questions on current affairs, Awuzie, CEO of Gemsbok Group, emphasized that the existing show celebrates superficiality and urged for a shift towards a platform that champions intellect, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

In response to the video that he deemed a national embarrassment, Awuzie promptly secured the domain ‘’, laying the groundwork for this innovative venture. Within hours of sharing his proposal on his verified Facebook page, Awuzie received a flood of messages expressing interest in partnerships and sponsorships.


The Big Brain Naija reality show will convene Nigeria’s brightest minds under one roof for a span of 50 days, with the objective of crafting inventive solutions to address community challenges. While the victor of Big Brother Naija walks away with a hefty N120 million prize, Awuzie’s proposed alternative offers a more modest N50 million reward, intended to fund the implementation of the winning solution as a viable business venture. The series will be accessible for streaming on major media platforms across the nation.


Awuzie emphasized the need for a reality TV program that inspires the youth, highlighting that intellectual prowess has the potential to lead to greatness and influence. He has set his team in motion to fast-track the branding and development of the Big Brain Naija website, with a target completion date of two weeks.


This visionary move by Awuzie signifies a paradigm shift towards celebrating intellect and innovation, offering an exciting alternative to the entertainment landscape. The Big Brain Naija reality show is poised to not only captivate audiences but also empower a new generation of intellectual trailblazers.

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