Amnesty granted to repentant cultist in Auchi poly

Amnesty granted to repentant cultist in Auchi poly

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Amnesty granted to repentant cultist in Auchi poly

Auchi Polytechnic

Amnesty granted to repentant cultist in Auchi poly. Four repentant cultists have been given amnesty by Auchi Polytechnic in Edo State.

Dr. Salisu Umar, the polytechnic’s rector, announced this on Wednesday while speaking to repentant cult members.


Umar urged the students of the institution to renounce their membership in cults.


The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the former cultists renounced their membership of secret cult groups at a renunciation programme organised by the management of the polytechnic in Auchi, Edo.

”Renouncing cultism means abandoning reckless lifestyle and evil ways, no good thing comes from the devil.

“Auchi Polytechnic in a bid to establish zero tolerance for cultism has organised this renunciation programme.

“This renunciation programme is a kind of amnesty to enable staff and students who are cultists to renounce membership of such cults.

“Any staff or students who engage in any cult-related activities after the renunciation program will face appropriate penalties and punishment,” the rector added.

He described the struggle against cultism as a group effort.

“In the fight against cultism, churches and mosques are not left out.” “They should also establish strong youth departments and programs where young people can be mentored on a regular basis,” he added.

He pushed other students who did not want to abandon their memberships openly to do so.

Earlier, Mr Daniel Osita, who testified as a rejected cultist, praised the students for rejecting cultism.

“By making this decision, you have opened positive doors to your futures,” he remarked.

He advised the students to be mindful of the decisions they make in life, pointing out that choices made by humans in life either make or mar their future.


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