Bayelsa youth takes their stand

Bayelsa youth takes their stand

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Bayelsa youth takes their stand


Bayelsa youth takes their stand . Youths from Bayelsa State, united under the banner of the Bayelsa Youths Vanguard, have promised to oppose any attempt to rig the state’s governorship election on Saturday.

On Friday, a viral video appeared on social media depicting violent occurrences between Peoples Democratic Party supporters and alleged thugs in Brass Local Government.


The attacks, purportedly carried out by anonymous assailants, harmed numerous people and generated new concerns about their potential impact on the political process.


Brass was one of five critical flashpoints recommended for security surveillance in a previous announcement published on Friday by an election monitoring group, CellHub.

In response to the violence, Alakiri ThankGod, President of Bayelsa Youths Vanguard, issued a statement on Friday condemning the attacks and stating that his people are committed to guaranteeing a free and fair electoral process in the state.

“We strongly condemn the violent attacks on innocent PDP supporters in Brass,” he stated. Such behavior has no place in a democratic society, and we will not allow any attempt to subvert popular will.

“We vow to resist any form of election rigging and call on law enforcement agencies to immediately apprehend those responsible for these attacks.”

The organization also urged its members and prospective voters to remain calm and peaceful, emphasizing the significance of holding a peaceful election.

In a related incident, the Independent National Electoral Commission has promised people that extra security measures will be implemented in Brass and other potentially contentious locations ahead of Saturday’s governorship election.

Police have also warned that they are seeking to identify and apprehend the culprits of the recent attacks.

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