Bauchi APC replaces chairman, sacks the former

Bauchi APC replaces chairman, sacks the former

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Bauchi APC replaces chairman, sacks the former

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Bauchi APC replaces chairman, sacks the former. The situation in Bauchi State’s All Progressives Congress has worsened after the party’s executives voted no confidence in its Chairman, Babayo Misau, on Thursday.

Rabi’u Garba, the APC’s Legal Adviser, said this while briefing press at the conclusion of an emergency meeting conducted at the party’s Next Level Secretariat.

He said that 27 out of the 37 executives of the party took the decision during the meeting because Misau failed in his responsibilities as state chairman pointing out that this has caused the party losses at the last general election, especially the governorship.

“Following the All Progressives Congress executive committee meeting this morning, November 30, 2023, and having resolved and reflected on the issues and crisis bedeviling our party, particularly what we are facing immediately after the elections up to the general elections to today, we have witnessed a lot of negativities happening within the party,” Garba said.

“Members are beginning to lose faith in Bauchi State’s administration.” To deal with the crisis, state officials decided to convene this morning and take a stand.

“As a result, we unanimously passed a vote of no confidence in the state chairman, Alhaji Babayo Misau, in accordance with article 17 sub article 5 of the All Progressives Congress 2022 as amended.”

“And, in accordance with article 17 sub 6 of the same constitution, we appoint his deputy, Alhaji Mohammed Tilde, as acting president.” He is now the Bauchi State Chairman of the APC.

“And, as the constitution requires, we will submit the same report to the All Progressives Congress national secretariat in Abuja, and a congress will be held for ratification.”

“This decision was made in response to the former chairman’s apparent failure to effectively lead the party.” We have seen a number of challenges and issues plaguing the party, which we thought necessary to address by making this choice; otherwise, the party will collapse in Bauchi State.

“We know that the majority of Bauchi State residents support the APC, but due to a lack of leadership, we have lost some seats and were unable to emerge victorious, particularly in the gubernatorial election last year.” It’s not as if people didn’t vote for APC; the majority of Bauchi State voters did, but we couldn’t defend or safeguard our ballots owing to evident leadership failure.”

According to him, the decision was made to protect the party.

“We have taken this bold decision and we make it public that Alhaji Babayo Misau is no longer the chairman of APC in Bauchi State and we have immediately resolved and appointed his deputy, Alhaji Mohammed Tide as the State Chairman in Bauchi State,” he told reporters.

Meanwhile, a Bauchi State High Court 7 presided over by Justice Lamido Umar issued an interim injunction prohibiting Misau from presenting himself as the party’s Chairman until the hearing and resolution of the Motion on Notice.


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