Ajulo accuses officials of signing documents in Akeredolu's name

Ajulo Accuses Officials Of Signing Documents In Akeredolu’s Name

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Ajulo accuses officials of signing documents in Akeredolu's name

Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu. Image: PUNCH.


Ajulo accuses officials of signing documents in Akeredolu’s name.

On Monday, a senior advocate of Nigeria, Kayode Ajulo, said that some officials in Ondo State Governor Rotimi Akeredolu‘s administration were signing documents on the sick governor’s behalf.

This was stated by Ajulo on the Morning Show programme of Arise Television. Ajulo is the Principal Partner of Kayode Ajulo & Co. Castle of Law.

It is his belief that the cabal has taken over state administration since Lucky Aiyedatiwa, the deputy governor, cannot legally assume the position of governor.

As a lawyer, he claimed to have “good authority” to say this. Approximately five commissioners communicated with the governor through memoranda, and each one replied with a positive recommendation.

Noticeable differences are seen when comparing the governor’s approvals from when he was healthy with those from now.

Their findings are so terrible, yet we engaged them because the Police and Administration of Justice Act makes it explicit that private investigators can look into the matter.

That signature doesn’t belong to the governor. You can’t help but notice.

According to the attorney, the legal system need to accept the idea of necessity, which permits the lieutenant governor to assume executive duties until the governor returns.

According to Ajulo, presenting the governor (Akeredolu) is the only method to disprove the assumption that he is disabled.

What gives some persons the right to sit on temporary constitutions? Some individuals are clearly grabbing the state by the throat and taking advantage of the current circumstances to steal from the state’s coffers.

There has been some buzz about DSS lately. It would be wise for other security organizations to follow suit. Everyone should know who provided the go-ahead when it comes to the state’s lost N7.5 billion.

Given that the same taxpayers’ money is going towards the governor’s health care, he has an obligation to either communicate with his constituents or fulfil his constitutional responsibility of appointing a deputy.

He and maybe even some of his party members chose his deputy before he ever campaigned for office. “I don’t believe he would have chosen someone he didn’t trust,” he also stated.

The state’s leadership crisis, which has lasted for months, may have finally come to a conclusion on November 25, according to the report, since President Bola Tinubu intervened and urged the warring groups to accept peace and keep things as they are.

Along with the Deputy Governor’s promise to include all state officials and commissioners in managing state affairs, Oladiji Olamide, speaker of the state house of assembly, decided to put an end to any attempts to impeach Aiyedatiwa.

Officials from the state, including APC members, met with Tinubu.

“I want to say that I pledge to all of you that I embrace every one of you,” Aiyedatiwa proclaimed after announcing his intention to keep things as they are and bring together all the warring groups.

Forget about everything that has transpired up until this point. Following the president’s advice, I have also allowed God in.

And I want it made clear that I am completely innocent of any wrongdoing. Politics is the only thing that has transpired.

Politics includes impeachment. Beyond that, it’s politics if you make it through.

Now it’s here. It was only one of many things in his history that I managed to endure.

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