Four lawmakers suspended in Benue assembly

Four lawmakers suspended in Benue assembly

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Four lawmakers suspended in Benue assembly


Four lawmakers suspended in Benue assembly. Four members of the Benue State Assembly have been suspended. The House also confirmed the members of the local government caretaker committees appointed by the state government.

Solomon Gyila of Gwer West State Constituency, Douglass Akya of Makurdi South, Dyako Ashwa of Konshisha State Constituency, and Anthony Agom of Okpokwu State Constituency are the suspended members.

The House confirmed 21 nominations during its session on Monday, while rejecting two nominees from Agatu and Oju Local Government Areas.

The motion to reject the two nominations was proposed by Majority Leader Saater Tiseer and backed by Katsina-Alaa West State Constituency Representative Peter Ipusu.

Aondona Dajo, the Speaker, submitted the confirmation of the 21 nominations to a voice vote.

The House then adjourned till Tuesday to conduct legislative business.


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