Jayboogie transgender says she didnt scam Nigerians

Jayboogie transgender says she didnt scam Nigerians

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Jayboogie transgender says she didnt scam Nigerians

Daniel Nsikan A.K.A Jayboogie

Jayboogie transgender says she didnt scam Nigerians. Daniel Nsikan, better known as Jay Boogie, a prominent Nigerian transvestite, has refuted charges that he defrauded Nigerians during the BBL fraud.

Earlier this month, the popular transgender claimed that both of his kidneys were failing as a result of a botched BBL operation, a claim that was criticized by Doctor Loveth and influencer Tosin Silverdam.

Jayboogie denied lying about his physical condition in a conversation with blogger Egungun, claiming that he did not deceive Nigerians as has been suggested.

“Let me kneel and apologize,” he said. Sorry, Nigerians. I never cheated or deceived Nigerians; everything was bogus news. I can’t keep going in circles. I just wanted to get healthy, come out, and clear my reputation, and I apologize to anyone who thought that way; I’m not that way.

“I already posted about what happened and even asked for help, and people responded.” Doctor Loveth and another lady contacted me. I halted the GoFundMe campaign because I detected anything strange.

“The only reason people came to see me at the hospital was to take pictures.” During this time, bogus rumors of a botched BBL surgery became popular.

“I was eventually chased out of the hospital because the hospital wanted to protect its name as well.” I am currently feeling better, but I will continue to seek treatment.

“I wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for you Nigerians.” Thank you so much for your generosity, and may the Lord bless you.”

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