Pastor Adeboye Sat on a chair not Throne

Pastor Adeboye Sat on a chair not Throne

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Pastor Adeboye Sat on a chair not Throne

Pastor Adeboye

Pastor Adeboye Sat on a chair not Throne. The Redeemed Christian Church of God has refuted accusations that its General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, sat on the throne of a monarch during a recent event in Oyo State.

The RCCG confirmed in a statement that the chair Adeboye sat on during the celebration was a new chair, not the monarch’s seat, as implied on social media and in certain media stories.

According to the PUNCH, a viral photo of Adeboye sitting on a royal throne went viral on social media, with some criticizing the queen for allowing it.

Also, the monarch in question, the Olugbon of Orile-Igbon in Oyo State, Oba Francis Alao, emphasized on Monday that the chair Adeboye sat in was one of the royal chairs used by high-ranking dignitaries and not a regular chair.

The RCCG stated in a statement that the chair used by Adeboye at the occasion had never been used by anyone else.

“The altar seat was brand new. “No other King or individual had previously sat in the seat,” the RCCG said.

“It has been brought to our attention that Pastor EA Adeboye allegedly asked a King to vacate his throne so that he could sit on it,” the statement continued. This is untrue!

“Pastor EA Adeboye was about to minister from the altar, and the only chair prepared for him had already been placed there.”

“At no point during his administration did he request that any of the Kings vacate their thrones for him to sit on.” The altar seat was brand new. No other King or individual has ever sat in that seat!

“Pastor EA Adeboye truly respects and honors our nation’s traditional chiefs and traditional rulers.” He respects them, holds them in great regard, and would never do anything to diminish them.

“Pastor EA Adeboye appeals to all those who fabricate and spread false statements.”

In an earlier statement, the king said, “As a mark of honour, I offered Pastor Adeboye one of the ceremonial royal chairs that are usually reserved for top dignitaries to be used at the program.”

“It should be noted that the chair is not the one reserved for the Olugbon, which cannot be shared due to its spiritual and historical significance.”

“The royal chairs are provided in palaces to honour high-ranking dignitaries, not to desecrate the throne.”


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