2,719 kidnapped in 6 months, few rescued

2,719 kidnapped in 6 months, few rescued

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2,719 kidnapped in 6 months, few rescued

2719 kidnapped in 6 months

2,719 kidnapped in 6 months, few rescued. 2719 kidnapped in 6 months ,Between May 31 and December 24, 2023, 4,258 incidences of insecurity were reported throughout 573 local government districts in the country.

During the study period, at least 5,691 people were slain and 2,719 were kidnapped in acts perpetrated by non-state actors across the LGAs. However, the military rescued 721 of the kidnap victims.

Similarly, 1,902 civilians were injured in varied degrees by non-state actors in violent attacks.

Beacon Consulting, an indigenous security organization that tracks insecurity in the country, provided the figure.

According to a monthly breakdown, at least 13 individuals were slain, four were kidnapped, and six were injured on May 31.

In June, 854 people were slain, 239 were abducted, and 158 were injured. Similarly, non-state actors killed 597 individuals, kidnapped 330, and injured 140 in July.

In August, 615 people were slain, 369 were kidnapped, and 215 were injured.

In September,  no fewer than 594 persons were killed,  348 abducted and 217 were injured.

No fewer than 1,164 fatalities were recorded in October, 518 citizens were kidnapped and 584 sustained varying degrees of injury in the month.

In November, 1,309 people were killed in non-state actor attacks, 464 people were kidnapped, and 334 were injured.

So far in December, at least 545 people have been slain, 434 have been kidnapped, and 248 have been injured.

Meanwhile, between June and December 24, 2023, the military rescued a total of 1,987 kidnapped persons around the country through various operations.

The numbers were obtained from media reports throughout the time period under consideration.

The military rescued approximately 721 kidnapped individuals between June and August.

Between September and December 24, 228;127;412, and 499 kidnapped citizens were released.

Jackson Ojo, a security specialist, spoke, calling for an improvement in the economy to address the country’s escalating insecurity.

“To be honest, the current administration inherited the issue of insecurity,” he remarked. And the country’s hardship has fueled it. These criminals regard it as a means of escape from poverty. In order to alleviate insecurity in the country, the economy must be improved. There is also a need for political resolve to put a stop to criminality in the country. Our security agencies cannot function effectively unless we have the resolve to do so.”

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