Stop selling all your properties to Japa- Immigration officer warns

Stop selling all your properties to Japa- Immigration officer warns

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Stop selling all your properties to Japa- Immigration officer warns

Immigration officers

Stop selling all your properties to Japa- Immigration officer warns. Femi Aina, an immigration lawyer based in the United Kingdom, has advised Nigerians looking to relocate abroad for greener pastures not to sell everything they own in order to travel.

Aina, who delivered the advice in an exclusive chat with our correspondent over the weekend, stated that many Nigerians seeking greener pastures are unaware that migration has its drawbacks.

According to the immigration lawyer, several Nigerians who moved abroad in pursuit of a better life are now living in poverty.

“Don’t sell everything you own just because you want to move,” he said. I’d rather you leave something behind, because you might get there and realize the picture you’ve painted is incorrect. The fact that it benefits some does not imply that it is beneficial to all.

“If you go to a prison in the United Kingdom, you’ll see a lot of Nigerians.” They intended to japa so that everything would be lovely and dandy, but the opposite has happened. People should think about it. Migration has many drawbacks; think twice before migrating.”

According to the immigration lawyer, relocation is not always easy, and immigrants may experience early challenges for a few years before being able to settle down.

He added, “My advice is before you japa, think twice. Ask yourself, ‘Am I better off here or will I be better off there?’

“People should also be aware that when they move to a new country, they will face a slew of teething problems.” It could take months or years for you to settle down. The issue we have is that I have seen folks relocate their entire family to travel.

“I came across people who owned a supermarket in Idiroko, Ogun State.” They decided to sell the supermarket in order to relocate to the United Kingdom. When they arrived at the port of entry, the woman had a significant condition, and the visas for the father, children, and wife were cancelled. As a result, they all returned to Nigeria. Where are they going to begin?

“I’m not saying people shouldn’t migrate, but migration should be limited.”

“People should be aware that there is a lot of tension in the countries they are visiting.” It is not a country where you can have someone come and collect your electricity bill, but you just give them something every month, so you don’t pay the bill. There is financial stress. Financial stress can lead to disputes between a husband and his wife, which can lead to domestic violence.

“There are many people who have japa and are now living in misery.” They had arrived at their destination and realized that the greener meadow was not there. I know folks abroad who are dealing with a variety of problems.”


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