Sanwo-Olu implements work-from-home policy, slashes transport fare

Sanwo-Olu implements work-from-home policy, slashes transport fare

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By Akinsuroju Olubunmi

Sanwo-Olu implements work-from-home policy, slashes transport fareSanwo-Olu implements work-from-home policy, slashes transport fare


Sanwo-Olu’s measures to alleviate economic hardship

Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, announced significant measures aimed at alleviating the economic burden on Lagosians during a live media chat on Thursday.


In a bid to reduce economic challenges, the governor revealed that civil servants from levels one to 14 would now work only three days a week. This flexible working arrangement seeks to ease the strain on residents while ensuring government operations continue effectively.


Additionally, Governor Sanwo-Olu announced a 25 per cent rebate on fares for government-owned transport schemes, including BRT, train, and ferry services. This move is expected to put over N500 million back into the pockets of Lagosians monthly, providing relief amidst rising living costs.


Furthermore, the state government plans to address food affordability by implementing soup kitchens across local government areas, offering discounted purchases in Sunday markets, and redistributing grains to those in need.


In the health sector, the governor unveiled initiatives such as free delivery services in all general hospitals, alongside rebates on specific medications. Free health missions will also be conducted twice a week across the six health districts for the next three months.


Moreover, Sanwo-Olu emphasized the state government’s commitment to ensuring prompt payment of pensions to retired civil servants within a month of retirement.


Looking ahead, the governor highlighted ongoing projects, including the extension of the Red Line into Ogun State, demonstrating his administration’s dedication to improving transportation infrastructure.


With these measures in place, Governor Sanwo-Olu aims to provide tangible relief to Lagosians, fostering resilience and stability in the face of economic challenges.


Sanwo-Olu implements, Work-From-Home

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