Bobrisky appeals for reduction of sentence

Bobrisky appeals for reduction of sentence

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By Akinsuroju Olubunmi

Bobrisky appeals for reduction of sentence

Bobrisky appeals for reduction of sentence

Controversial personality Bobrisky is seeking to overturn his recent six-month imprisonment for abuse of the naira, appealing for a reduction in his sentence to a fine of N50,000 on each count.


In the appeal filed by his lawyer, Bimbo Kusanu, Bobrisky argues that the punishment imposed by the Federal High Court in Lagos is excessive and punitive, considering his lack of previous criminal convictions.


The court had sentenced Bobrisky to six months in prison without the option of a fine for abusing the naira at a party, leading to its mutilation.


Bobrisky pleaded guilty to four counts of naira abuse on April 5, 2024, prompting the court’s decision, which aimed to serve as a deterrent to others.


However, in his appeal, Bobrisky highlights his cooperation with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) during the investigation and his lack of prior criminal history.


He argues that the court’s decision to impose the maximum penalty without considering mitigating factors is unjust and contrary to the law.


Bobrisky asserts that the trial court failed to exercise its discretion judiciously and calls for a more lenient sentence in line with the Administration of Criminal Justice Act.


He emphasizes that the intention behind laws against naira abuse is to protect the currency, not to cater to foreign perceptions.


Bobrisky’s appeal aims to rectify what he perceives as a miscarriage of justice, seeking a fairer outcome that takes into account his positive attributes and cooperation with authorities.


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