Court drama: Lawyer, DSS clash Over client arrests

Court drama: Lawyer, DSS clash Over client arrests

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By Akinsuroju Olubunmi

Court drama: Lawyer, DSS clash Over client arrests

Court drama: Lawyer, DSS clash Over client arrests

A lawyer, Kehinde Bamiwola, has accused the Department of State Services (DSS) of invading the Ogun State High Court in Ilaro to arrest his clients, despite a judge’s warning against such actions. The incident occurred on Tuesday, with Bamiwola alleging that DSS operatives defied a court order to apprehend his clients, Alhaji Fatai Isiaka and Samuel Oyero.


However, DSS spokesperson Dr. Peter Afunanya denied the claims, asserting that no arrests were made in court. “This is not true. The DSS did not carry out any arrest in the court. The service observes the rule of law in its operations,” Afunanya stated.


In contrast, Bamiwola provided a detailed account of the event, stating that DSS operatives stormed the court to detain his clients, who are defendants in an ongoing arson case (Suit No: HCP/IC/2023). He described the DSS actions as a blatant disregard for Justice A. A. Shobayo’s directive, which prohibited any arrests within the court premises.


Bamiwola recounted how he alerted the court to the presence of DSS officers during the proceedings. Justice Shobayo then instructed state counsel Timilehin Oredehin to summon the DSS team leader to the courtroom. The judge warned the officers to leave the premises and arrest suspects only outside the court’s jurisdiction.


Despite this, Bamiwola claimed that DSS officers flouted the order, forcibly arresting Isiaka and Oyero just outside the court hall. He highlighted that Alhaji Saheed Olabisi’s driver narrowly escaped the unlawful arrest. The lawyer further alleged that Alhaji Fatai, despite his age, was beaten and publicly humiliated, and a court official who intervened was also assaulted.


Bamiwola condemned the DSS’s disregard for the rule of law, warning that such actions could lead to public disorder. He called on government authorities to investigate the incident.


Omololu Olusanya, Principal Registrar of the Ogun State High Court and Sectional Head of the High Court in Ilaro, described the incident as shocking and a severe breach of judicial respect. Speaking to journalists, Olusanya expressed dismay that DSS operatives, armed and in an unregistered vehicle, violated court directives and caused significant disruption during the court session.


“The arrest was carried out while the proceedings were ongoing; the court had to adjourn because the noise was too much. It happened around 12:30 pm while the court was still in session,” Olusanya said.


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Court drama: Lawyer, DSS clash Over client arrests

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