Merger possible: Obi considers PDP-LP union for 2027

Merger possible: Obi considers PDP-LP union for 2027

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By Akinsuroju Olubunmi

Merger possible: Obi considers PDP-LP union for 2027.

Merger possible: Obi considers PDP-LP union for 2027

The 2023 Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has opened up about the possibility of a merger between the Labour Party (LP) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Speaking in an interview on NoireTV-GlobalBlackTV, which was released on YouTube on Saturday, Obi also addressed the potential support from Atiku Abubakar, the PDP’s 2023 presidential candidate, for his bid in the 2027 elections as a Southeast candidate.

Responding to a question from the interviewer, Obi expressed his appreciation for Abubakar’s willingness to support him. “I commend him and I’m grateful for his statements, especially where he said he will support me if it (the presidential ticket) goes to the Southeast,” Obi said.

However, Obi made it clear that his primary focus is not on personal ambition or political strategies but on the welfare of Nigeria and its citizens. “I’m not desperate to be president, I’m desperate to see Nigeria work, especially for the poor people because we have a lot of potential,” he emphasized.

Regarding a potential merger between the PDP and LP, Obi showed openness to the idea, as long as the objective is to improve governance in Nigeria and realize the country’s potential. “If the merger is to be able to govern Nigeria properly, unlock all those things that will make Nigeria a better place, I’m for it,” he stated.

Obi underscored that he is not interested in mergers or alliances merely for the sake of gaining power or winning elections. “If it’s just a merger for election or state capture, I’m not for it or part of it, I don’t want to be part of anything like that,” he asserted.

The former Anambra State governor highlighted the importance of unity and cooperation among individuals and parties, but only if the aim is to build a better Nigeria. He said, “It might be at the party level, it might be at the individual level, might be at any level, but we must come together to be able to build a better Nigeria.”

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Merger possible: Obi considers PDP-LP union for 2027

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