Central Mali attack: 10 killed, many wounded.

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Malian soldiers patrol between Mopti and Djenne in central Mali in 2020. AFP/Michele Cattani

According to an official statement from a military spokeswoman, a bomb strike on a military base and airport in central Mali killed 10 and injured more. The regional governor’s spokesperson, Yacouba Maiga, confirms that Saturday morning’s assault in Sevare, Mopti, killed around 60 people.

According to Maiga, the attack destroyed about 20 houses in the neighborhood and resulted in a total of nine deaths and about 60 wounded, all civilians.

According to a government statement, a Malian air force helicopter collided in a residential neighborhood of the capital city Bamako on the same Saturday, killing three military crew members and injuring six civilians. The statement clarified that the incident occurred “while conducting routine aerial surveillance of Bamako.”

Multiple structures, including a gas station, were destroyed in the Sevare bombing, as evidenced by social media images. The images also depicted injured individuals receiving assistance.

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