Swiftie spots a renowned Hollywood actor’ onstage, causing a frenzy among Swift’s fans.

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The apparent sighting sent fans into a meltdown (Image: Getty Images for TAS Rights Mana)

During one of Taylor Swift’s recent performances on her sold-out The Eras Tour, an admirer claims to have spotted a famous Hollywood actor.

As the admirer pointed out the actor while Taylor was performing on stage, Swifties went into a frenzy.

During the second night of a recent concert at the NRG stadium in Houston, Texas, Taylor Swift performed a selection of her greatest hits to a packed house.

However, what truly captured the interest of the audience was when one of the fans thought they spotted a Hollywood actor onstage, causing a commotion.

However, some admirers were diverted by an unearthed remark a Swiftie made during a livestream of an earlier-in-the-month concert.

Every evening, Swifties attending the tour will livestream the concert on social media for admirers around the globe to watch.

Someone livestreamed the April 6 concert in Arlington, leading to a humorous comment from one of Taylor’s admirers.

Taylor performed a seductive dance routine with a chair while wearing a midnight blue bodysuit and corresponding garter during her Midnight set, where she performs some of the most popular songs from her most recent album. 

Fans quickly noticed what appeared to be a familiar visage dancing alongside the other dancers behind her.

During the concert’s livestream, fans were actively commenting, and one person’s humorous comment caused thousands of Taylor Swift admirers to laugh out loud.

A fan who was viewing the concert via livestream made a comment that garnered significant attention on social media. They asked, “What is Timothée Chalamet doing?” after mistaking Sam McWilliams, one of Taylor’s backup dancers, for the renowned actor. 

This comment was then shared on TikTok, where it received over 450 thousand likes, prior to being posted on Twitter.

Another fan eventually shared a screenshot of the TikTok post on Twitter, causing a frenzy among Taylor Swift’s devotees.


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