UK protesters detained ahead of the coronation of the King included anti-monarchists

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Police policemen detain protesters from the anti-oil group “Just Stop Oil” in the crowd near Westminster Abbey in the heart of London, where Britain’s King Charles III and Camilla, Queen Consort will be crowned on May 6, 2023.(Photo by JUSTIN TALLIS / POOL / AFP).

The Metropolitan Police stated early on Saturday that they had only made seven arrests in the area of the coronation on suspicion of a variety of charges, including disturbing the peace and conspiring to make a public disturbance.

Republic reports that famous anti-monarchy activists were detained by UK police on Saturday as they prepared to demonstrate along King Charles III’s coronation procession route.

In London’s Trafalgar Square, a Republic activist told AFP that six of their organizers had been detained and that hundreds of their placards had been stolen.

The activist further stated that the police withheld information regarding the location of those being held in custody as well as the reason behind their arrests.

Graham Smith, the CEO of Republic, was one of those detained. He was hauled into prison before the crowd could hold signs proclaiming “Not My King.”

Some onlookers who were close to the incident shouted “free Graham Smith,” while others chanted “God save the king” and waved the Union Jack flag.

The Alliance of European Republican Movements was represented, and a video team asked a senior police officer why the Republic group had been detained.

The Alliance of European Republican Movements tweeted a video of a senior police officer who simply responded, “They’re under arrest. When asked about the detention of the Republic group, she responded, 

police officers detain a demonstrator from the climate protest group “Just Stop Oil.” (Image courtesy of LOIC VENANCE/AFP).

A new bill swiftly passed by the government that gives the UK police unprecedented anti-protest powers has sparked controversy.

On its Twitter page, Republic announced the arrests and the confiscation of placards and questioned, “Is this democracy?” Smith had told reporters last week that their group had no plans to interfere with the parade itself.

The creator of the Republic declared that yelling and waving signs during the march will show the international media that Britain is not only a nation of loyalists and that anti-monarchy sentiment is growing.

In reaction to months of disruptive tactics by groups opposed to the usage of fossil fuels, the new anti-protest law was implemented.

For activists who use chains or adhesives to immobilize themselves, the law includes heavier prison penalties.

An AFP reporter who was on the site on Saturday reported that 13 members of Just Stop Oil were also handcuffed and detained by police on The Mall between Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace.

police officers detain a demonstrator from the anti-oil group “Just Stop Oil.” (Image courtesy of LOIC VENANCE/AFP).

Only seven arrests early on Saturday were reported by the Metropolitan Police, who said they were made “on suspicion of offenses including breaching the peace and conspiracy to cause public nuisance close to the coronation.

” In addition, the police seized “lock-on devices” from a group that was near Trafalgar Square, according to the statement.

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