Crisis in Osun as Adeleke appoints new Iyaloja-General

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The appointment of Mrs. Otebode Aderonke as the new Iyaloja-General of Osun State by Governor Senator Ademola Adeleke on Thursday has sparked a crisis within the women’s market circle. The ousted Iyaloja-General, Mrs. Awawu Asindemade, strongly opposes this development and has vowed to resist it at any cost.

In a statement issued by the governor’s spokesperson, Olawale Rasheed, the newly appointed Iyaloja-General was described as a “respected leader of businesswomen” in Osun State. The statement acknowledged her significant contributions to the growth and development of commerce.

“We have approved her appointment with a deep sense of responsibility and confidence in her ability to effectively lead women in commerce, ultimately contributing to the collective prosperity of Osun State,” the statement concluded.

Nevertheless, former Iyaloja-General Asindemade remains firm in her position, asserting that nobody can remove her as she is the founder of the group, which is a Non-Governmental Organization.

“They have only removed themselves, not me. I am unperturbed by this development because they cannot prevent me from being the Iyaloja-General. The newly appointed Iyaloja-General is merely affiliated with the PDP,” Asindemade declared.

She further emphasized that the government lacks the authority to remove the Iyaloja-General, as their group operates independently as a Non-Governmental Organization, and that she is the one who founded it.

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