Peter Obi’s thugs humiliated me—Lamidi Apapa

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Lamidi Apapa, the acting national chairman of the Labour Party, has made allegations against the party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, and former chairman, Julius Abure. Apapa claims that he was subjected to physical assault and humiliation in court by individuals he alleges were sent by Obi and Abure.

During an interview with Arise TV on Thursday, Mr. Apapa revealed that he had received a message containing a threat to “deal with him” if he were to attend court.

Mr. Apapa stated that he is leveling accusations against Messrs Obi and Abure for allegedly masterminding the assault. The basis for these allegations stems from their personal conduct towards him and their apparent lack of response to the incident.

He said they received a text message from a certain group indicating that if they were to make an appearance, they would be dealt with accordingly. The individual claims that the group followed through with their threat. It is alleged that Peter Obi and Aburi may have committed the aforementioned act, as per the accuser’s statement.

In response to inquiries regarding his decision to present himself as the acting national chairman of the party, and how this may impact the party’s petition before the tribunal, Mr. Apapa stated that he is simply adhering to proper protocol. He further added that the court disruptions were solely instigated by supporters of Mr. Obi.

“Are they not the supporters of Obi that he brought to the court that they should beat me up?” he said.

According to sources, Mr. Apapa is asserting his claim to the chairmanship of the party, citing a recent court ruling that has prohibited Mr.

Abure from assuming the role of the party’s leader. After dedicating over two decades to the party and holding the sole position of elected deputy national chairman, Mr. Apapa alleges that the Obi/Abure faction is unlawfully and unjustly withholding his recognition as the party’s leader.


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