An Indiana 3-year-old shoots two people, leading to the arrest of a wanted murderer.

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According to authorities, a man wanted for murder in Illinois was arrested following a shooting incident in Indiana that resulted in injuries to two individuals. The incident occurred after a three-year-old child gained access to a firearm.

On Thursday, Trayshaun Smith, aged 23, was taken into custody subsequent to his visit to a medical facility for a gunshot wound that was not deemed life-threatening. This information was disclosed by Lt. Justin Hartman of the Lafayette Police Department.

After thorough investigation, it has been concluded that the incident resulting in the hospitalization of Smith and another individual was caused by a three-year-old who gained access to a firearm and discharged a single round.

Hartman said “It was determined that a three year old child at that location accessed a gun and fired one round striking two people”

The police department said that the shooting victims were initially discovered by officers at the Franciscan Health Lafayette East Hospital, where they were receiving medical attention for injuries that were not life-threatening. Subsequent investigations have revealed that the shooting incident took place at a residential complex situated in Lafayette, Indiana.

Hartman refrained from immediately disclosing any information regarding the relationship between the three-year-old shooter and the victims.

Smith has been taken into custody on the basis of an outstanding murder warrant issued by the Cook County authorities in Illinois. According to the Lafayette Police Department, they are currently engaged in coordination with the Markham, Illinois police department in relation to the arrest.

Smith is a resident of Lafayette.

At the time of reporting, there has been no response from a representative of the Markham Police Department regarding the arrest, despite a request for comment.



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