Central Nigerian communal clashes killed 100

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In recent years, intercommunal strife in Nigeria’s Middle Belt region, known for its ethnic and religious diversity, has claimed numerous lives.

A deadly conflict between farmers and herders has struck the north-central state of Plateau in Nigeria, resulting in a death toll of over 100. Residents and local authorities continue to search for more bodies in the bush.

On Tuesday, a group of armed assailants raided the Mangu region, setting fire to multiple residences and terrorizing local villages. Tragically, the initial estimates indicate that at least 20 individuals, primarily women and children, lost their lives in the attack.

Local herder Bello Yahaya explains that the recent outbreak of violence arose when farmers, alleging encroachment of their land by the herder’s cattle, retaliated by killing a fellow herder and his cattle.

The chairman of Mangu local government, Minista Daniel Daput, confirms the completion of a mass burial for approximately 50 individuals.

Local residents report that another 50 individuals will be interred on Friday, with ongoing efforts to locate more missing persons in the nearby wilderness.

Plateau, one of the hinterland states in Nigeria’s Middle Belt region, exhibits ethnic and religious diversity. Over the years, the region has witnessed intercommunal conflict resulting in the loss of hundreds of lives.

Experts assert that the violence represents an ethno-religious clash between predominantly Christian Indigenous farmers and predominantly Fulani Muslim herders, perpetuating the prevailing narrative.

They further argue that the conflict has been exacerbated by climate change and the expansion of agriculture.

The official spokesperson for the governor of Plateau, Makut Simon Macham, affirms that a thorough evaluation of the situation is currently underway, and those responsible will face legal consequences.

However, precise figures regarding the casualties have not yet been disclosed.

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