iPhone manufacturer raises salaries ahead of the release of a new model

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The iPhone 14 was released in September 2022. Image source: GETTY IMAGES

The famed Apple partner Foxconn is stepping up its recruitment efforts to entice additional employees for the world’s largest iPhone manufacturing facility in anticipation of the impending introduction of a new iPhone model.

Foxconn has made appealing offers to new hires at its factory in Zhengzhou, China. Bonuses of up to 3,000 yuan ($424; £343) are available to employees who stay on the job for a minimum of 90 days.

Additionally, current workers who successfully promote friends or family to the business will receive compensation.

WeChat, a well-known Chinese messaging service, has been used to spread the word that current Foxconn employees who recommend a new hire will get 500 yuan if the referral stays with the business for at least a month.

These actions are being taken as Foxconn gears up for the anticipated September release of the iPhone 15.

A Foxconn spokesman chose not to comment on the topic, but the current measure represents the most recent effort taken by the Taiwanese manufacturer to improve the benefits provided to its employees at the large factory, often known as iPhone City.

A sizable number of employees protested at the Zhengzhou facility the previous year, claiming issues with Covid limitations and claims of underpaid salaries.

Videos showing people climbing a fence encircling the Foxconn facility in October went viral online. At the time, the factory was under lockdown due to a coronavirus outbreak.

Following these occurrences, Apple published a notice in November concerning the delay in the supply of the iPhone 14.

This holdup occurred as a result of Chinese officials placing a lockdown on iPhone City’s neighborhood in Zhengzhou.

The iPhone manufacturer subsequently employed new staff members while luring them with promises of higher bonuses in an effort to address the situation.

Unfortunately, one employee who claimed that their contracts’ provisions had been changed in a way that prevented them from receiving the promised stipend.

They also claimed to have been confined without access to food.

A “technical error occurred during the onboarding process,” Foxconn’s response read.

They added that the pay offered to new hires complied with the conditions outlined in the official recruiting advertisements.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are among the Apple products that are produced at the Zhengzhou facility, which has a workforce of approximately 200,000 people.

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