Mbah vs NYSC

Mbah vs NYSC

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Mbah vs NYSC

Governor Peter Mbah

Mbah vs NYSC. On Tuesday, Justice Inyang Ekwo of the Federal High Court in Abuja asked journalists to base their coverage on court proceedings.

This was said by Ekwo during the hearing of the N20 billion lawsuit filed by Enugu State Governor Peter Mbah against the National Youth Service Corp.

While warning against misleading reporting, the judge emphasized the importance of media ensuring their accounts accurately reflect what happened in court and not fake news.

Ekwo, who spoke up before the parties started moving pending motions, advised against false reporting.

“I have an open-door policy in this court.” I have directed my registrars to make any documents required by the media available to them. I’ve always stated that all I seek is accurate reporting of proceedings in this court.

“It is only in this country that some people claiming to be journalists will report lies and get away with it.” I am not even saying you should be objective but report the facts the way they are, that’s why the registrars have been working with the media to ensure court proceedings are not misrepresented,” he said.


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