Man circulates more nudes photos

Man circulates more nudes photos

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Man circulates more nudes photos

Mr Amarah Kennedy

Man circulates more nudes photos. Amarah Kennedy, a Lagos-based businessman accused of circulating nude images of two single mothers, has vowed to ruin their name after a special report revealing his activities was published by PUNCH Newspapers.

In conversations with our journalist and the victims, Kennedy stated that he would never forgive them.

PUNCH Metro got a number of naked images that the suspect recently sent to the women’s Facebook friends.

Meanwhile, despite the victims reported the incident on June 15 at the Pen Cinema Police Station, where the police allegedly demanded N50,000 from one of the females, the Lagos State Police Command had failed to apprehend the culprit.

On Sunday, our source stated that the two women, named only as Kester and Temi, met Kennedy through various singles WhatsApp and Facebook chat groups.

Kester, who lost her spouse in a vehicle accident roughly eight years ago, said the perpetrator began showering her with monetary gifts after chatting her up.

He did, however, send her over 50 nude images when he asked a loan, which she declined.

The images, she claims, were taken without her knowledge after they had sexual relations in a hotel.

She claimed the suspect wanted N100,000 as a condition for deleting the images.

The mother of two stated that when she provided the money and inquired whether the images had been removed, he requested an extra N40,000 to permanently delete the photos, which she sent to him.

Despite the payments, the suspect proceeded to post the naked images on Facebook.

Kester claimed she attempted suicide twice but failed after people who viewed the naked images began interrogating her.

The second victim, Temi, said the suspect usually had marathon sex with her in hotels while allegedly under the influence of drugs, and afterwards gave her N1,000 as transport fares.

She stated that she stopped talking to the suspect after discovering that he was not serious about the relationship and was only using her.

Kennedy, on the other hand, allegedly gave her multiple nude images and requested all of the money he had spent on her during the relationship.

She claimed she borrowed N15,000 and sent it to him.

He began sharing the naked photographs after she asked his sister for help talking to him on Facebook.

Temi claimed that the businessman phoned her frequently to demand money.

Following an investigation, the Black Diamonds Support Foundation claimed that nine widows and three single moms had been victims of Kennedy.

In response to the charges, Kennedy stated that the two ladies gathered money from him during their relationship.

He claimed to have saved over N600,000 with Kester, but she refused to return the monies, despite the fact that he had given Temi over N400,000.

The former bank employee said Temi, a mother of two, emailed him the nudes during their video conversations.

However, our correspondent questioned why he shared images addressed to him in trust and love with third people.

“To be honest with you, my brother, that was unfair because you are a man like me.” Very unjust. But that is no longer an issue because I have already apologized. I am quite upset that this is occurring now, and she (Temi) is attempting to bring it up.”

Following the publication of the report, the suspect contacted our journalist and accused him of bias.

He stated that he had received calls about the situation from his school’s alumni association and several relatives.

Kennedy threatened to further ruin the women’s reputations for “spoiling my image.”

In a voice note to PUNCH Metro on WhatsApp, he said, “My image has been damaged. I will make sure I also spoil their image to all their friends. Kester, I have already sent the pictures to all her in-laws; her husband is late; I have sent all the pictures to her in-laws.

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