A house close to Washington, DC, blows up

A House Close To Washington, DC, Blows Up

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A house close to Washington, DC, blows up

Home near Washington DC explodes as police surround armed suspect area. Image: CBS


A house close to Washington, DC, blows up.

According to officials, a massive explosion occurred during the execution of a search warrant in a suburb of Washington DC, destroying at least one residence.

Reports of someone firing a flare gun prompted the dispatch of officers to the Arlington, Virginia, residence around 16:45 EST (21:45 GMT) on Monday.

Hours later, they attempted to enter, and gunfire and a massive explosion ensued.

The culprit still has not been located, although the responding officers said the injuries were minimal.

The fire was put out by the fire service.

According to the Arlington police, the incident began when the suspect shot a flare pistol 30–40 times; fortunately, no one was hurt and no property was damaged.

He remained inside the house, barricaded, and unresponsive to officers’ attempts to contact him via phone and loudspeakers after they had acquired a search warrant.

“As officers were attempting to execute a search warrant at the residence, the suspect discharged several rounds inside the home,” according to the police.

The Arlington police reported that at around 20:25 EST, the suspect discharged what was “believed to be a firearm” and fired bullets.

Investigators are still trying to determine what set off the explosion, they said.

The identity of the culprit is still unknown, and his health status is also unclear. The authorities stated that no one else seemed to be in the duplex house when the explosion occurred.

On social media, some locals reported feeling the ground tremble beneath their houses.

As the explosion happens, one video on the internet shows what seems to be a vehicle belonging to the Swat team driving towards the house.

There are other videos going around on social media that show the home exploding, sending smoke and debris shooting into the air from the walls and roof.

Authorities have ordered some citizens to leave their homes while others are being instructed to remain indoors.

Prior to the explosion, Jim Mathews, who was an eyewitness, reported seeing many flares on X.

“Looked like flares being fired off,” he commented. “It would be about fifteen to twenty seconds long”. Quite a few in the span of five minutes.

X posted by Democratic Representative Don Beye of Virginia: “This is very, very scary, and my profound thanks go out to first responders working to secure the area and keep everyone safe.”

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