Nigerian Defence Minister criticises crowdsourcing

Nigerian Defence Minister Criticises Crowdsourcing

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Nigerian Defence Minister criticises crowdsourcing

Nabeeha, pictured second from left, was killed by the kidnappers last Friday. Image: AL-KADRIYAR FAMILY


Nigerian Defence Minister criticises crowdsourcing.

The minister of defence for Nigeria has blasted anyone who give ransom to kidnappers, claiming that crowdfunding exacerbates the situation.

The remarks made by Mohammed Badaru Abubakar coincide with the expiration of the ransom deadline for the release of the five sisters.

They and another of their sisters, who was subsequently killed, were kidnapped from their home in Abuja, the capital, earlier this month. The case has shaken the nation, and donations to a crowdfunding campaign have been made by supporters.

We are all waiting, and we all nervous. Let them go back home, that’s all. According to Asiya Adamu, the sisters’ cousin, the entire family is simply praying.

The family has not communicated since the deadline passed.

The six girls, who ranged in age from early adolescence to twenty-three, were kidnapped in the Bwari neighbourhood of Abuja, along with their father Mansoor Al-Kadriyar.

Their father was eventually freed in exchange for a ransom. Last Friday, Nabeeha, his 21-year-old daughter and a final-year university student, was killed as a warning that the enormous ransom be paid.

However, Mr. Abubakar claimed that caving up to the kidnappers’ demands simply made them avaricious.

As everyone is aware, there is a legislation in place prohibiting the payment of ransom for crowdfunding.

Therefore, it is quite depressing to see people requesting funds to cover ransom over the radio and online.

This will only make things worse,” he remarked. According to the minister, in this instance, it had caused the kidnappers to raise their demands.

“We think that despite how painful it is, we must stop.” We must no longer accept ransom payments. If we don’t continue, eventually the kidnapping won’t be profitable and they will cease.

In recent years, hundreds of people have been abducted in Nigeria, mostly by criminal groups who saw it as a quick and cheap way to make money.

The nation’s northwest has seen especially severe weather.

Due to protests alleging that the capital is now insecure, Abuja’s police department established a dedicated team on Wednesday to combat kidnapping gangs.

According to Mr. Abubakar, the gangs were compelled to relocate to regions close to the capital by operations against them elsewhere.

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