Sunak faces uphill battle as controversial Rwanda migration plan sparks party rebellion

By Akinsuroju Olubunmi Sunak faces uphill battle as controversial Rwanda migration plan sparks party rebellion UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak encounters a significant challenge as he strives to quell a Conservative Party revolt and secure parliamentary approval for his contentious proposal to send migrants to Rwanda. The Safety of Rwanda Bill faces a critical vote […]

President Tinubu advocates ‘Massive education’ to tackle kidnapping surge

By Akinsuroju Olubunmi President Tinubu advocates ‘Massive education’ to tackle kidnapping surge. President Bola Tinubu of Nigeria has announced plans for a “massive education” initiative as a response to the escalating wave of kidnappings for ransom, particularly affecting the capital city, Abuja, and the conflict-ridden northern regions. Despite winning last year’s election with a promise […]

Kenyan cult leader faces murder charges over shakahola deaths

By Akinsuroju Olubunmi Kenyan cult leader faces murder charges over shakahola deaths. In a harrowing revelation, Kenya is set to charge Paul Mackenzie, the leader of the Good News International Church, and 30 associates with murder, manslaughter, terrorism, and torture. Mackenzie allegedly ordered followers to starve themselves and their children to death, promising a passage […]

Global Phone Sales, Apple Surpasses Samsung

Image: GETTY IMAGES   Global phone sales, Apple surpasses Samsung. For the first time in a 12-year period, Apple has surpassed Samsung to take the lead in the global smartphone market. The International Data Corporation (IDC) reports that last year, the phone behemoth based in America accounted for over one-fifth of all phones shipped. With Xiaomi, OPPO, and Transsion, three Chinese phone manufacturers, trailing Samsung, with 19.4% of the market. Sales of smartphones have decreased because so many people upgraded during the outbreak. Apple’s ascent Nevertheless, Apple, which sold more than 234 million phones in 2017, was deemed “the biggest winner” by the IDC. “Not only is Apple the only player in the Top 3 to show positive growth annually, but also bags the […]

Review of the ‘World’s Oldest Dog’

Bobi was crowned the world’s oldest ever by Guinness World Records in February last year. Image: GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS   Review of the ‘World’s Oldest Dog’. Last year, Bobi, a Portuguese dog, made headlines when he was recognised by Guinness World Records (GWR) as the oldest dog ever, shattering a record that had stood for a century. At the official age of 31 years and 165 days, Bobi passed away in October. However, as some vets questioned the data supporting Bobi’s age, his title is now in dispute. GWR has now put the title on hold while they look into it. Bobi was a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo, a breed with a 12–14 year lifespan on average. According to GWR last year, his advanced age was verified by the Portuguese government’s pet database, which is run by the National Union of Veterinarians. However, mistrust grew along with the fast spread of word about his coronation. According to a Wired magazine investigation, Bobi was listed as being born in 1992 on Portugal’s pet database, but there was “no registration or data that can confirm or deny this statement.” Older images of the animal that displayed various fur markings raised concerns as well; some said the dog in the pictures was a different breed entirely. Some experts have said they doubt Bobi was actually 31. Image: REUTERS   Scepticism among professionals has been on the rise. A Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons member named Danny Chambers stated to The Guardian, “Not a single one of my veterinary colleagues believes Bobi was actually 31 years old. “ Guinness World Records has now initiated an official inquiry. “While our review is ongoing, we have decided to temporarily pause applications on both the record titles for oldest dog living and (oldest dog) ever until all of our findings are in place and have been communicated,” a spokeswoman for AFP stated. Bobi was raised by the Costa family in the Portuguese village of Conqueiros, which is close to the country’s west coast. “An […]

Deathly fire ants create “flood rafts” to spread during Australia’s floods

Image: BIOSECURITY QUEENSLAND   Deathly fire ants create “flood rafts” to spread during Australia’s floods. One of the most invasive species in the world is spreading throughout storm-ravaged Australia thanks to fire ants that are building rafts to travel on floodwaters. Fire ants are regarded as super pests because they devour local plants and animals, which can lead to significant changes in ecosystems and agricultural loss. People can also be killed by their stings. The uncommon rafting behaviour is proof that “fire ant densities are increasing” in Australia, according to the Invasive Species Council (ISC). In light of the recent extreme weather, it is advising […]

Chuck Grassley, the oldest US senator, was hospitalised

Image: GETTY IMAGES   Chuck Grassley, the oldest US senator, was hospitalised. The oldest senator from the United States, Republican Chuck Grassley, has been hospitalised to the hospital and is receiving treatment for an infection. According to his staff, the 90-year-old senator is getting antibiotic infusions at a hospital in his native Iowa. He won’t be present for the vote on Tuesday on a short-term spending plan that aims to keep the government open. Having tested positive for COVID-19, Mr. Grassley missed just one vote in 2020, capping 27 years of flawless attendance. “Senator […]