Polish lawmaker Grzegorz Braun loses immunity

Polish lawmaker Grzegorz Braun loses immunity

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Polish lawmaker Grzegorz Braun loses immunity

Grzegorz Braun’s actions sparked a global outcry. Image: REUTERS


Polish lawmaker Grzegorz Braun loses immunity.

After the far-right politician lighted candles in honour of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah last month, Polish lawmakers decided to remove his immunity from prosecution. Grzegorz Braun’s acts caused a stir in the entire world.

Following a lighting ceremony in parliament, he doused the menorah’s candles with a fire extinguisher, creating a white mist that filled the chamber.

Due to the incident, Mr. Braun was previously punished in December.

However, since his parliamentary immunity was revoked, he may potentially be charged with a crime. Upon putting out the candles, the politician declared that Hanukkah was “satanic” and that he was bringing back “normality”.

“Those who participate in acts of satanic worship should be ashamed,” he subsequently declared.

The MP, who belongs to the ultra-nationalist Confederation party, is expected to face multiple accusations from the prosecution, including property destruction, insulting a place of worship, and violating someone’s physical integrity.

All parties cast votes in support of lifting his immunity, with the exception of the Confederation party.

“There’s no justification for employing immunity to shield him. We are aware of what he did, and it was unacceptable,” Civic Coalition (KO) MP Agnieszka Pomaska stated.

Szymon Holownia, the speaker of the parliament at the time, referred to his acts as “disgusting” and declared that “anti-Semitism will not be tolerated” in the assembly.

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