Actor Lege Miami appeals to Pastor Adeboye

Actor Lege Miami appeals to Pastor Adeboye

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By Akinsuroju Olubunmi

Actor Lege Miami appeals to Pastor Adeboye.

Actor Lege Miami appeals to Pastor Adeboye

Nollywood actor Adams Kehinde, popularly known as Lege Miami, has made a heartfelt appeal to Pastor Adeboye, the founder of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

In a video shared online, Lege Miami recounted an incident where a member of Adeboye’s church approached him for help with school fees. The actor asked which church the member attended, and he replied, “Redeemed.” Lege Miami is now urging the renowned clergyman to make his private university more accessible for church members.

Lege Miami suggested that the contributions made by church members should be used to maintain the school and potentially reduce tuition fees. He emphasized that many people, like himself, who are approached for assistance, are also struggling. He further admonished Pastor Adeboye to reconsider paying church workers if they can’t serve voluntarily.

“Pastor Adeboye, good evening, Sir. I am Lege Miami on social media. I advocate for the youths, and recently, someone reached out to me needing help with school fees. I asked him which church he attends, and he said Redeemed. Knowing you own a school funded by your members’ contributions, I respectfully ask if your church members could attend for free, using their contributions to maintain the school instead.

“Daddy, please understand, some of us your members are approaching for help haven’t even eaten. Those who work in your church and receive salaries should work freely for God if they truly serve Him.

“Please, don’t be offended, sir. Members of Redeemed Christian Church, I ask for your understanding too.”

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Actor Lege Miami appeals to Pastor Adeboye

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