Brainjotter raises N20m for disabled fan

Brainjotter raises N20m for disabled fan

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By Akinsuroju Olubunmi

Brainjotter raises N20m for disabled fan

Brainjotter raises N20m for disabled fan

Comedian and social media star Chukwuebuka Amuzie, known as Brainjotter, raised over N20 million for a physically challenged fan, Queen Onwunachie, during his May 25 show.


Brainjotter shared on his verified Instagram page that he met Onwunachie before the event, noting her early arrival as his team set up the sound. “The show I planned in Abuja wasn’t my show, it was a woman’s show. I don’t know that God had other plans,” Brainjotter said in pidgin English in a Thursday video.


He recounted, “When the show was going on, I was in my hotel room upstairs at Transcorp Hilton. I came downstairs and saw this lady. I wasn’t aware that she didn’t have hands or legs; she wore plastic hands and legs.”


After taking pictures with Onwunachie, Brainjotter returned to his room. Onwunachie shared that she moved to the section for regular ticket holders. Brainjotter had intended to make one person a millionaire during the show but felt guided to do more for Onwunachie.


During the event, Brainjotter, along with fellow comedian Samuel Perry, known as Broda Shaggi, began selecting people from the crowd. Brainjotter asked about the lady on crutches, recalling their earlier encounter. As the audience identified her, Onwunachie was brought to the stage with assistance.


“The initial plan was to raise 1 million for the lady,” Brainjotter recalled. However, they managed to raise over N20 million, including a sponsor who pledged to process her visa to Canada.


Expressing her gratitude, Onwunachie said, “I want to thank my benefactor, Brainjotter, and Transcorp Hilton for accommodating me. I am so grateful. God will bless everyone who contributed, and God will bless Brainjotter abundantly.”


Brainjotter urged his fans to remain hopeful and persistent in their pursuits. “Don’t give up on your dreams; you never know when God will bless you. Someone who came to the show paying N19,000 went home with over N20 million. The reward for gratitude is brighter. On behalf of myself and my team, I want to say thank you to Abuja,” he concluded.


Brainjotter, show.

Brainjotter raises N20m for disabled fan

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