A 24-year-old woman passed away tragically a few weeks after experiencing symptoms of the flu and cold

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Bethannie Booth, a young woman of 24 years, tragically sent farewell messages to her loved ones after succumbing to Strep A infection, which developed into sepsis just a few weeks after experiencing cold-like symptoms. The severity of her condition forced her into a coma, and she even made arrangements for her own funeral.

Bethannie Booth, a resident of Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales, began feeling unwell on March 2, with her symptoms worsening over the following days. She was taken to the Royal Glamorgan Hospital after experiencing difficulty breathing and was immediately placed in resuscitation before being admitted to the intensive care unit. It was discovered that her lung had collapsed due to a Strep A infection, which had developed over the course of her illness. Despite fighting for five weeks in intensive care, Bethannie passed away on March 31, surrounded by her parents and sisters.

Wayne and Leanne Booth, Bethannie’s parents, expressed their devastation and grief over the loss of their daughter, saying that their world had been shattered. Bethannie was the youngest of three daughters and had an older brother, Corey, aged 10. She was also an aunt to Parker, aged three, Caled, aged four months, and Myles, aged nine weeks, whom she loved dearly, according to her sister Megan.


Talking about his primary school worker daughter ‘Betts’ Wayne said: “I have only one way I can explain Beth – imagine the best female has got the biggest angel wings, who would do anything for anyone, from a man living on the streets to a man in a mansion. She was so loved – the children [in her school] loved her, our grandchildren loved her. She had that wicked streak – we called her the weekend offender.

“She was professional from Monday to Thursday – she would go to work, be in bed by 9pm. Come Saturday then the music would be on by dinner time, there would be 20,000 girls and boy friends coming in and out of the house.

“They say the best gets taken from us first – God needs his angels. It has ripped us all apart.” Leanne added: “She’s a character but she’s the best friend you could ever have.”

Bethannie Booth, a primary school worker, first fell ill on World Book Day and contacted 111 to discuss her symptoms, but was told that her red bumps were likely acne. A few days later, she called again and was advised to go to the hospital. Upon arrival at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital in Llantrisant, Bethannie was immediately taken to the ICU, where it was discovered that she had a collapsed lung and other organs were beginning to fail.

Bethannie was placed in a coma and then transferred to Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital in London, where she spent two and a half weeks on an ECMO (extra corporeal membrane oxygenation) machine, which essentially took over her lung function. She also had surgery to repair a hole in her lung. Following her time on the machine, Bethannie showed promising signs of progress and was able to come off it. She was then transferred back to the Royal Glamorgan, where the doctors informed her that it was highly unlikely that she would die at that stage. However, five days later, sepsis returned and proved to be uncontrollable, and Bethannie passed away with her parents and two older sisters at her side.

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