Obidients attacked Lamidi Apapa in court

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Lamidi Apapa rescued by police

Despite the presence of Dudu Manuga, the national women leader, who represented the Abure faction in the party’s internal power struggle, the Court declined to recognize the attendance of Mr. Apapa.

The Court ruled that the presence of both conflicting factions cannot be recorded due to their inability to appear for the party.

Following the adjournment of the court proceedings to Friday, May 19, Mr. Apapa expressed a desire to communicate with the press.

However, he was impeded from doing so by a group of Labour Party supporters who were aligned with Mr. Abure.

In the midst of verbal and physical aggression, they contended that Mr. Apapa lacked the credentials to serve as a spokesperson for their political party, and therefore, was not authorized to provide statements regarding the party’s activities to members of the press.

The traditional bronze cap worn by Mr. Apapa was forcefully taken off by a group of angry individuals who proceeded to chant the word “Ole,” which translates to “thief” in the Yoruba language.

The altercation almost escalated into physical violence before law enforcement officials intervened to protect Mr. Apapa from the irate crowd.

Accompanied by law enforcement personnel on either side, the beleaguered leader of the Labour Party was escorted back into the court premises, with the entrance expeditiously secured to external parties, including members of the media.

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