Dangote will begin production soon

Dangote Petroleum Refinery will beginning operations soon

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Dangote will begin production soon

Dangote Refinery. Image : PUNCH.COM

Dangote Petroleum Refinery will beginning operations soon.

On Monday, the Dangote Petroleum Refinery declared that it was ready to start producing refined petroleum products after receiving the sixth shipment of the one million barrels of crude oil needed for the plant’s beginning operations.

The company said in a statement on Monday that the “Dangote refinery appears set to commence production of refined petroleum products with the receipt of the sixth batch of barrels of crude supplied by the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation Limited.”

The statement stated that the final shipment of the first six million barrels slated to be transported to the Dangote facility for the start of operations by the largest single-train refinery in the world was the one million Agbami barrels of crude via MT ALMI SUN.

One of the biggest trading businesses in Nigeria and the world, Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited, supplied the first one million barrels of Agbami crude grade to the Dangote refinery exactly one month ago.

Shell trades more than eight million barrels of crude oil each day.

Since then, crude oil has been delivered to the Dangote refinery in batches. On Monday, the sixth batch, consisting of one million barrels of Agbami crude, was released at the Dangote Offshore Oil Terminal’s Single Point Mooring.

This most recent development will be crucial in easing Nigeria’s and the West African countries’ problems with fuel supply.

The 650,000 barrels per day Dangote Petroleum Refinery can process most African crude grades, Middle Eastern Arab Light and US Light tight oil, as well as crude from other nations. It is designed to process 100% Nigerian petroleum, but it is flexible enough to process other crudes as well.

According to the firm, Dangote Petroleum Refinery has an excess of all refined products that it can export, including aviation jet, diesel, petrol and kerosene, which together account for 100% of Nigeria’s needs.

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