NYSC Integrates NIN: Corps members to register for mobilisation

NYSC NIN Integration: Corps members to register for mobilisation

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By Akinsuroju Olubunmi


NYSC NIN integration: Corps members to register for mobilisation.

NYSC Integrates NIN: Corps members to register for mobilisation

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has made a significant announcement regarding the upcoming mobilization exercise. Starting this year, all eligible prospective corps members are required to complete their registration for mobilization using their National Identification Numbers (NIN) known as NIN integration.


According to a statement released yesterday and signed by Eddy Megwa, the Director of Press and Public Relations, the decision was reached during a discussion between the NYSC Management, led by Brigadier General Yushau Ahmed, and the National Identification Management Commission (NIMC), led by Engr Abisoye Coker-Odusote in Abuja.


Brigadier General Yushau Ahmed highlighted the collaboration with NIMC as a means to enhance the online registration process for the NYSC Scheme. While acknowledging the effectiveness of the NYSC Integrated system, he emphasized the need for continuous improvement.


Engr. Abisoye Coker-Odusote, the Director General of NIMC, assured the commission’s readiness for this collaboration. She expressed optimism that the synergy would streamline the entire mobilization process, addressing various challenges. Furthermore, she highlighted NIMC’s commitment to delivering top-notch services to the nation through partnerships with various government agencies especially in executing the NIN integration and others.



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