Insecurity escalates: Kidnappers murder 13-year-old in Abuja

Insecurity escalates: Kidnappers murder 13-year-old in Abuja

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By Akinsuroju Olubunmi

Insecurity escalates: Kidnappers murder 13-year-old in Abuja.

Insecurity escalates: Kidnappers murder 13-year-old in Abuja

In a tragic incident in Abuja, kidnappers have ruthlessly killed three individuals, including 13-year-old Folorunsho Ariyo, in the Sagwari Estate Layout. The assailants, disguised as military personnel, abducted 11 residents, demanding a hefty N60m ransom for each victim. Despite joint efforts by estate security and police, the kidnappers remain elusive. The daughter of the Chief Legal Officer of the National Universities Commission, Folashade Ariyo, was found dead near a military checkpoint in Kaduna State.

Amidst public outcry, Nigerians call for urgent action to curb insecurity in the nation’s capital. @Aginas highlights the worsening situation in Abuja, attributing it to the consequences of past elections. @Akintollgate expresses devastation over the loss of promising lives, while @bamidele_oye questions the safety of the entire Federal Capital Territory.

As the nation grapples with the shocking news, the kidnappers, dissatisfied with delayed ransom payments, escalate their demands to N100m for each remaining victim. The police remain tight-lipped on the matter, with the Force’s Public Relations Officer, ASP Josephine Adeh, stating they are “working on it.” Calls to FCT’s Secretary of Security, Adamu Gwary, go unanswered.

Meanwhile, Najeebah, one of the kidnapped sisters, falls victim to the criminals. Abducted alongside her five sisters and father, the gunmen demand a N60m ransom. Despite pleas for donations to secure their release, the funds fall short. Tragically, Najeebah is killed by the kidnappers, leaving her parents in grief.

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