President Tinubu advocates 'Massive education' to tackle kidnapping surge

President Tinubu advocates ‘Massive education’ to tackle kidnapping surge

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By Akinsuroju Olubunmi

President Tinubu advocates ‘Massive education’ to tackle kidnapping surge.

President Tinubu advocates 'Massive education' to tackle kidnapping surge

President Bola Tinubu of Nigeria has announced plans for a “massive education” initiative as a response to the escalating wave of kidnappings for ransom, particularly affecting the capital city, Abuja, and the conflict-ridden northern regions. Despite winning last year’s election with a promise to address the nation’s security crisis, Tinubu’s administration faces continued deadly attacks, prompting the need for urgent action.

Tinubu strongly condemned the recent abductions, labeling them as “disturbing, ungodly, and sinister.” Emphasizing education as the “antidote to the troubles agitating the nation,” Tinubu’s spokesperson, Ajuri Ngelale, stated, “There is no weapon against poverty that is as potent as learning.” The President assures that security agencies are swiftly responding to the current challenge, with comprehensive resources, policies, and plans for the extensive education of Nigerian youth in the pipeline.

Nigeria’s security forces are already engaged in combating jihadi rebels in the northeast and confronting armed groups responsible for mass killings and abductions in remote communities across the northwest and central regions. However, the recent surge in abductions for ransom near the capital has prompted residents on the outskirts to consider relocation, suspecting gunmen from volatile neighboring states as the perpetrators.

Despite Tinubu’s commitment to mobilize Nigeria’s assets for citizen protection, analysts express concern over the lack of tangible improvement in the security situation. Oluwole Ojewale, a researcher with the Africa-focused Institute for Security Studies, warns that Nigeria is heading towards a failing state, with non-state armed groups challenging state authority. Tinubu’s administration must address the pressing security crisis to fulfill its promises and ensure the safety of Nigerian citizens.

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