The explosion in Ibadan claimed my brother's life

The explosion in Ibadan claimed my brother’s life

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The explosion in Ibadan claimed my brother's life

Survivor (Credit: Screenshot from Lagelu FM livestream)


The explosion in Ibadan claimed my brother’s life.

The explosion victim, Adeleke, who went by Adeleke, said he lost his older brother in the event on Tuesday night at Dejo Oyelese Street, Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State.

A portion of the state capital experienced an explosion, as reported by reporter earlier.

Videos of burning automobiles and houses with dusty clouds may also be found online.

In an interview with Lagelu FM, local radio station, the survivor claimed that they had been playing tennis at the nearby hotel when his brother decided to go outside and take care of things. 

As result of the explosion, there was commotion that sent sharp object flying, severing his stomach deep.

“He emerged to the front of the transformer where the incident occurred,” Adeleke stated. After the cut, his intestines were removed.

He named his deceased brother as Oladipupo and mentioned that he was sent to Adeoyo General Hospital right away following the event.

After hearing an odd sound, Olaitan Okanlawon, another survivor, stated that the occurrence occurred at approximately p.m.

“My spouse and the children and were indoors.

And we began to notice odd vibrations and noises; nonetheless, it remained unclear until we noticed debris outside the window.

“We have moved our belongings to the hotel; one of my kids has cut on his head and is receiving medical attention,” she continued.

In response, the state governor, Seyi Makinde, stated that initial security agency investigations had shown that the explosion that shook the region was caused by explosive devices that were being stockpiled by unauthorised miners.

A section of the Governor’s Office, Secretariat, Oyo State House of Assembly, Chief Bola Ige’s residence, the former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, as well as several buildings in Ologuneru, Apete, New Garage, Bashorun, Akobo, Sango, and Eleyele were also affected by the explosion, which is believed to have killed at least ten people and hospitalised fifteen more.

Makinde added that even though there were still open investigations into the incident, anyone found to be at fault will face consequences after touring the area on Tuesday night.

In the meantime, the state capital of Ibadan’s Bodija neighbourhood saw an explosion on Tuesday night, according to the Oyo State Police Command.

The leadership added that there has been sufficient deployment of their personnel to prevent any collapse in law and order, but the exact number of casualties in the incident is still unknown.

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